Teacher Responsibilities (updated 9/26/19)

Late Registration Fee

  • If a chair decides to allow a teacher to enter students after the deadline for that event’s registration has passed, that teacher will be charged $25 per student in addition to the registration fee.

Presence and Work Assignments on Event Day

  1. Teachers who enter students in an NVMTA/VMTA event must be present on the day(s) of the event if they have been assigned obligations for that day(s) or provide and pay for their own qualified substitute (see below).
  2. A teacher is assigned responsibilities and obligations based on the number of students enrolled, regardless of subsequent student withdrawals.


  1. All substitutes must be approved by the chair of the event at least one week prior to the event. The substitute judge must be a member of NVMTA or another credible Teachers’ Association in the same instrument and have experience in judging student events.  It is understood that substitute judges who are members of NVMTA in the same instrument are automatically approved, however, notification must be given to the chair of the event.
  2. The teacher is responsible for forwarding all event communications to the substitute


  1. A teacher who is tardy for assigned duties at any NVMTA/VMTA event will be charged a fine of $50. All results of entered students will be withheld until the fine is paid to the chair of the event.
  2. If a teacher does not fulfill their assignment or does not provide a substitute and notify the chair of the substitute’s name prior to the event, the following applies: $100 penalty fine plus $60/hour for the hours the teacher has been assigned.  Additionally all results of entered students will be withheld until the penalty fine and the substitute fee are paid. 
  3. All checks should be made payable to NVMTA.
  4. Exceptions in case of emergency may be granted by the chair.

Chair Communication, Scheduling and Etiquette

  1. All parent/student questions concerning the event should be handled by the teachers. Teachers must not give phone numbers or e-mail addresses of the chair to parents. Chairs may refuse to take phone calls or e-mails from parents.
  2. In the event that the chair of a competitive event has one or more students enrolled, the ordering of students will be scheduled by the Competition Oversight Committee. In all other cases, the final decision on scheduling and related aspects of each event rests with the chair.
  3. Teachers attending competitive events may not sit with or identify their students in the presence of the judges. Teachers are to refrain from conversation with judges until all decisions have been announced. Violation of this rule [at the discretion of the chair(s)] by a teacher could result in disqualification of that teacher’s students.