Enjoy the following programs presented to NVMTA members.


Links to TAT and NVMTA Meeting Sessions:

1. Nancy Breth July 10, 2020, TAT: “What I Wish I’d Known Before”

2. Jennie Morton October 10, 2020, TAT: Injury prevention strategies

3. Lori Piitz October 23, 2020, TAT: Retraining

4.  Bonnie Kellert, November 20, 2020, TAT:  “Challenges for Young Students”

Bonnie Kellert’s Slides

5.  David Kosutic January 22, 2021, TAT: David Kosutic, “Physicality and Technique”

Physicality of Playing Handout (1)

6. Yoon Huh February 24th 2021, TAT: Athletes and Musicians, Commonalities

7. Nancy Breth April 21st 2021 TAT: Transfer Students,

Repertoire list For Transfer Students,

15-minute Video Illustrating some pieces that work well with transfer students

8. David Strom May 26th 2021 TAT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy

9. Dr. Audrey Andrist  June 23, 2021 TAT: Practicing Patience and Memorizing Methodically

Dr. Andrist’s notes from the program

10. Beth Gigante Klingenstein 9/22/21

11. Christy Tallemy:  Composition 10/15/21