Rules For Competitive Events—-NOT CURRENT


  1. Parents and students who participate in a competitive event are not allowed to contact the chair under any circumstances. All communication with the chair must be done through the participating teachers.
  2. Teachers may not identify their own students from the application deadline of the competition through the date of the event, until the results of the competition have been announced. This includes the use of any social media or electronic communication.
  3. No one except the chair shall engage in any type of communication with the judges until the results have been announced.
  4. Judges shall not be informed of the names of participating students or their teachers. Scores and/or ratings sheets that are given to the judges shall not have any personal identification.
  5. For all cash-awards competitions, including the Concerto Competitions, Achievement Awards and Northern District Auditions, judges may not serve more than once in a two-year period. Any musician who has served as an accompanist for an NVMTA cash-awards competition within the previous two years is ineligible to serve as a judge for these cash-awards events. Chairs of these events shall consult the Competition Resource Chair to verify eligibility of judges.
  6. The chair shall not serve as a judge in any event that he/she is chairing.
  7. Teachers shall ensure that their participating students are informed of all rules governing competitive events as well as the information found in each event description.
  8. Judges will make their decisions with no input from the chair or monitor.
  9. The decision of the judges is final in all cases.
  10. For teachers who notify Chairs at least one week before the event date that they cannot fulfill their assigned duties and cannot provide an approved substitute, there is a substitute fee of $60 per hour or fraction thereof for every hour that the teacher has been assigned. Exceptions in case of emergency may be granted by the chair.
  11. For teachers who are not present for assigned duties at any NVMTA event, have not provided an approved substitute, and have not given prior notice of their absence of the day of the event, there is a PENALTY FINE of $150 in addition to the substitute fees outlined above.  Students of the teacher cannot be entered in the event, and all results of entered students will be withheld, until the penalty fine and the substitute fee are paid to the chair of the event. All checks should be made payable to NVMTA.
  12. A teacher who is tardy for assigned duties at any NVMTA event will be charged a fine of $50. All results of entered students will be withheld until the fine is paid to the chair of the event. Checks should be made payable to NVMTA.
  13. Video and audio recording are allowed in regular and competitive events for strings, voice, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Such recordings must be confirmed to be recorded by and for the performing student’s personal purposes. Video/audio recordings may not be used to dispute the decisions of the judges, which are final. Neither video nor audio recording is allowed for any competitive piano event, with the exception of judged recitals.
  14. Video and audio recording are allowed in competitive and non-competitive events for piano, with the exception of fall festival, spring festival, sonata festival, and northern district auditions. Such recordings must be confirmed to be recorded by and for the performing student’s personal purposes. Video/audio recordings may not be used to dispute the decisions of the judges, which are final

  15. Chairs of all competitive events shall have badges for each judge so that they may be easily identified.
  16. Judges shall be informed by Chair that they shall have no interaction with attendees at the event.

Repertoire and Scores

1.  Changes in repertoire will not be permitted after the competition deadline.

2.  Students must submit one score for each work performed in a competitive event. NVMTA supports the use of published musical scores. Furnish one published score for the judges. If a photocopy must be used, the NVMTA Copyright  Release, signed by a parent or teacher must be submitted to the chairman at least one week prior to the event. Please also submit this form for music purchased or downloaded from the internet. Students using photocopies (or anything resembling a photocopy) either for themselves or the judges without having provided the Copyright Release by this deadline may play for comments but will not be eligible to compete.


1.  Only the participating teacher shall complete and submit applications and checks. The teacher shall send only one check per studio. Applications and checks sent by students or their parents will not be accepted.

2.  All entries must include specific repertoire information, including key, opus number, movement and tempo.

3.  All application materials, including fees, must be completed/postmarked by the deadline and applications must be filled out online by the postmark deadline.

4.  There are no refunds for any student who is unable to participate for any reason.

5.  Teachers shall photocopy each application to avoid any disputes regarding the application repertoire submission.


1.  Some events allow teachers to make scheduling requests on the application. Please refer to event description.

2.  Once the schedule for a given event has been sent to participating teachers, there can be no changes to the schedule.

3.  The final decision on scheduling and related aspects of each event rests with the chair.

4.  Students who are not present and ready to perform at their assigned time may play for comments only, and only if time permits.