Certification:   MTNA’s national certification program is described at www.mtna.org  or contact Diane Perett, NVMTA Coordinator, [email protected].

Dues & MembershipThe deadline for dues payment is June 30.For current dues or to change profile information contact Membership Chairman, Amy Rothstein.  To first-time members MTNA offers a 50 percent discount for those joining after January 1; however, VMTA and NVMTA do not offer this discount. Members 70 and over have the option of a 50 percent discount on their local NVMTA dues, as well as a 25 percent discount on their MTNA and VMTA dues.

MTNA Code of Ethics

Professional Development Grants

NVMTA budgets $800 each year for grants to NVMTA members seeking assistance in upgrading their teaching skills. Priority is given to teachers seeking national certification, to those wishing to attend state or national conferences, or to those researching pedagogy topics. (Please keep in mind that VMTA reimburses each certification applicant $100 once that process is successfully completed.)

During the 2018-2019 fiscal year no one applied for a grant and the $800 was returned to the treasury. To apply, please send a letter outlining your plans, your budget, and your needs to Chair Diane Beyer Perett for review by the Professional Development Grants Committee.

Deadline for applying for assistance in 2020 is July 30, 2019.