****Please read the online submission directions carefully.  The video link will be submitted at time of registration.  Put the link in the box labeled “Accompanist First Name”.

Application Requirements

1. Teachers register and submit student’s video at mtfest.com

2. Pay fee online through mtfest.com.  Click on Billing, then click on the $ next to the event.  Pay with Visa or Mastercard.  After payment is made, you may print a copy of the invoice for your records.  You do not need to mail anything to the Chair.

3.  Parents must fill out a Video Release Form.

Time Limits

Time limits are determined by age on date of the recital and are strictly observed:
12 and under – 6 minutes
13 and older – 8 minutes

Online Submission Process

  1. The teacher registers, submits the student’s video, and pays fees at mtfest.com by the registration deadline. Please copy the unlisted youtube video link into the box labeled “Accompanist First Name”. (Once you have the unlisted video, you can get a shareable link by opening the video on youtube, clicking on “Share” and then copying the link that is provided)
  2. Judges will receive submission and judge entries
  3. Results will be published once they have been received from the judges
  4. Comments will be returned to teachers.

Repertoire Requirements

Any repertoire that fits the time limit is acceptable – students who choose to perform pieces which exceed the time limit will be stopped without bias.  Piano soloists must play from memory.  Other performers may use a score.


In order to enter NVMTA student events, either the teacher or student must live in Northern Virginia, or, the lessons must be taught in Northern Virginia.


Due to the current situation, no honors recitals will be held this year.  However, students will be chosen for honors from the October-January recitals and from the February-April recitals.

Teacher Guidelines

Teacher may submit up to three applications per recital date.  If there are more applicants than available event time, preference will be given to students who have not been selected for Honors in the current or the prior school year.   Students selected for Honors will be ineligible for further awards during the current school year.  However, such students are  welcomed to perform for comments.  In addition, all piano students may be considered for inclusion in the Young Artist Musicales, regardless of their award history.

All parent or student questions about an event should be handled by the teacher.  Teachers should never give parents or students the phone numbers or e-mail addresses of chairmen. The Chair has no obligation to respond to parent or student inquiries.

Please refer to this link for teacher responsibilities:


Teachers who enter 3 or more students/year may be asked to help with administrative tasks, if requested by the chair(s).

The final decision on scheduling and related aspects of each event rests with the Chair.

Chair:  Cora Lee Khambatta

Co:Chair:  Darya Gabay