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New format for the Jazz Festival coming next year.

The jazz festival is going to become more of a jazz workshop in the following years. The goal is to give students an opportunity to experience combo performing and improvisation. Because many students receive instruction on learning composed solo piano pieces, the jazz festival is going to become more of a workshop. Students participating in the workshop will learn the melody and harmony of tunes that will be listed on this website. Possible ways to learn the tune will be posted to accommodate different skill levels of students who want to participate.  At the workshop we will focus on a variety of ways to play the tune in a combo setting as well as ways to improvise on the tune. All instruments are invited to participate. Registration fees will be used to hire a drummer and bass player so students can test drive their skills in a combo setting. As both the spring and fall festivals provide a way for students to receive feedback on their performance of contemporary compositions written in a jazz style, the jazz workshop will not be focusing on that aspect of performing. 
Here is an example so teachers have an idea of what a very simple piano solo would look like if they need a little help preparing their students.
Register students via email to Katherine Niemann. Indicate instrument, years of study and skill level.
Send one check per studio, payable to NVMTA to:
Katherine Niemann, 4316 Still Meadow Rd., Fairfax, VA  22032
$20.00 per student. All fees are nonrefundable.
Katherine Niemann  [email protected]
Tunes for the workshop will be posted with links to guide teachers how to teach the tunes and accommodate different skill levels. Students are encouraged to listen to recordings of the tunes and maybe even try transcribing some of what they hear.
Students come prepared with the tunes posted as repertoire for the workshop. The combo playing and improvisation principles of the workshop will be adapted to the skill levels of the students attending. All students will get a chance to perform as they might in a jazz combo. We may go to a venue such as Epicure cafe to get the feel of what a jazz gig is like.
All teachers entering students in this event are invited to come and participate.