NVMTA awards Life Membership and Laureate Awards to honor exceptional service in our organization.

Life Members

Several members who are no longer with us played an important role in the history of this organization. Consequently, they were selected by their peers to be Life Members of NVMTA. We want to remember Marjorie Bouck, Mary Burleson, Helen Parker Ford, Edna Hanson, Dorothy Hunter, Harriet Riley, and Bessie Worley.

Laureate Members

More recently NVMTA recognizes the following Laureate Members:  James Litzelman, Jeri Bennett, Marjory Azarowicz, Willis Bennett, Nancy Breth, Sheila Epstein, Maryen Herrett, Frances Hollans, Janice Jansohn, Marilynne Jost, Kenneth Lee, Marjorie Lee, Jo Lombard, Peggy McNulty, Sylvia McPherson, Virginia Moore, Claude Morrison, Amy Rothstein, Julie Slingerland, Martha Smith, Jane White, Dorothy Wiley.

NVMTA Past Presidents

The following Presidents have served NVMTA since 1950.  The membership has grown to nearly 400 members in 2018.  Consequently, we have a thriving music community in Northern Virginia and we express appreciation for the leadership of the following:

Libby McConnell 2022-present

Lisa Wold 2021-2022

Aphrodite Mitsopoulou 2019-2021

Rene Johnson 2017-2019

Jeri Bennett 2014-2017

Elizabeth Blakeslee 2013-2014

Kenneth Lee 2011-2013

James Litzelman 2009-2011

Julie Slingerland 2007-2009

John Healey 2005-2007

Donna Olson 2003-2005

Debra A. Gunnerson 2001-2003

Marjorie Lee 1999-2001

Nancy Davis 1997-1999

Peggy Otwell 1995-1997

Jo Lombard 1993-1995

Jacqueline Yeomans 1991-1993

Martha K. Smith 1989-1991

Kenneth Lee 1987-1989

Jeanne W. Jackson 1985-1987

Beth Gigante 1983-1985

Sheila Epstein 1982-1983

Marilynne Jost 1980-1982

Maryen Herrett 1978-1980

Helen P. Healy* 1976-1979

Claude H. Morrison 1974-1976

Iva Lee Rymer 1972-1974

Elba Campbell* 1970-1972

Judith Howell Harmon* 1969-1970

Ruth Haycock* 1968-1969

Maryen Herrett 1967-1968

Mary Connelly* 1966-1967

Kathryn Brown Healy 1964-1966

Grecia Bailey* 1962-1964

Mary Burleson* 1960-1962

Edna Hansen* 1958-1960

Harriett Riley* 1957-1958

Willa Mae Koehn 1956-1957

Elizabeth Wheeler* 1955-1956

Carol Lemons* 1953-1955

Elizabeth Wheeler* 1952-1953

Bessie Worley* 1950-1952

* Deceased