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Application Requirements

1. Please register at new.mtfest.com

2. Pay fee online through new.mtfest.com. Click on Billing, then click on the $ next to the event. Pay with Visa or Mastercard. After payment is made, you may print a copy of the invoice for your records. You do not need to mail anything to the Chair. No late applications will be accepted. All fees are non-refundable.

3. Non-NVMTA members have to pay the $50 fee (per student per event) plus registration fee.

Levels and Time Limits

To access the VMTA Keyboard Skills and Sightreading requirements, teachers should go to http://www.virginiamta.org/, click the “member area” button, find your name in the drop down box, click the name, and type in your password. If you need help with the password, e-mail John Winsor or call 757-424-4277.

This event is a pre-requisite for Northern District Auditions (NDA). The requirements for NDA are listed below:

Audition LevelCurrent School GradeSight ReadingTheoryTime Limit
I-AK11A5 minutes
I-A111A5 minutes
I-A211B5 minutes
I-A321B5 minutes
I-B432A10 minutes
I-B532B10 minutes
II643A15 minutes
II753B15 minutes
II86415 minutes
III97520 minutes
III108620 minutes
III119720 minutes

Teacher Guidelines

The minimum judging time commitment is 1 hour plus 1 additional hour for every four students entered. These assignments are based on the number of students enrolled, regardless of subsequent student withdrawals.

Students must bring 1 rating sheet for each skill being tested. These may be downloaded from new.mtfest.com, and will be available after the schedule is published.

Teachers must agree to abide by the Teacher Responsibilities.

No make-up exams will be given for any reason. If the entire event is cancelled for weather, the snow date is January 14, 2024.

Due to the number of exams being given, the paucity of volunteers, and the difficulty of scheduling adjacent exams for those students testing on two or more skills, please ask your students to save the whole day, and understand that time requests, nor requests for make-ups can be honored.