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Application Deadline:  Extended! January 27, 2023

Application Requirements

1.  Please register Grades K-3 at new.mtfest.com

2.  Pay fee online through new.mtfest.com.  Click on Billing, then click on the $ next to the event.  Pay with Visa or Mastercard.  After payment is made, you may print a copy of the invoice for your records.  You do not need to mail anything to the Chair.  No late applications will be accepted.  All fees are non-refundable.

3. Non-NVMTA members have to pay the $50 fee (per student per event) plus registration fee.

 PLEASE NOTE:  If you enter students in grades K-3 AND grades 4-12, you must pay separately for each event.

Levels and Time Limits

Grades K-15 minutes
Grades 2-35 minutes

In case there are fewer than 6 students registered in the K-1 Level and/or the 2-3 Level, the grouping criteria shall be one mixed level of K-3.”

Repertoire Requirements

Students may play only one movement. Music must be performed from memory. Entrant will abide by all copyright laws and has permission to use all music given to judges and accompanists during all events as outlined here.

The cadenza is optional. If you wish it to be heard:

  1. Double-check your time limit listed above
  2. Time the cadenza
  3. Time the movement
  4. Make a cut that allows time for the cadenza
  5. Mark it clearly for the judges to follow, i.e. “cut to cadenza”
  6. Put in a tab (if necessary) to mark the cadenza for the judges to find

Here is a list of repertoire used in 2014 which you may  download  as a spreadsheet for your reference:  Repertoire for Piano Concerto Festival 2014


Students who play in the Concerto Competition in January may not play in the Piano Concerto Festival.  Students must play at current school grade.  First place winners in grades 4-5, 6-7, and 8-9 may not compete again at the same level.  First place winners in grades K-3 and 10-12 must withdraw from the competition for 1 year before competing again at the same level.


All participants receive written comments and certificates. Winners receive ribbons.

Teacher Guidelines

All participating teachers will be required to monitor a minimum of 1 session and should expect to contribute goods or services when asked.

Students must bring 2 judging sheets downloaded from new.mtfest.com which are available after the schedule is published.  Students must provide one published score with all measures numbered, and which must not bear the student’s or teacher’s name.

Students should be prepared to play 20-30 minutes before their scheduled time.  Students must provide their own accompanist.  Teachers may accompany their own students.

The festival is in recital format.

Teachers must agree to abide by the Teacher Responsibilities.