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Jim Litzelman: Pianist, Heal Thyself: Developing and Maintaining Healthy Practice Habits

Sitting and breathing properly while practicing is essential if we are to fulfill our potential as pianists, and one of the biggest problems that pianists face is playing with unnecessary tension. In this session, discover “the three R’s of Muscular Tension”, why knowledge of this is a sine qua non for expert piano playing, and how to apply these concepts to your daily practice sessions, permitting a lifetime of healthy piano playing.

James Litzelman, NCTM, teaches piano and piano pedagogy at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C and is a frequent lecturer on wellness-related issues state and national conferences. His particular area of interest is focal dystonia, a condition with which Jim has lived for almost 30 years but has mostly overcome. He is an independent piano teacher in Arlington, Virginia, and currently chairs the editorial committee for the American Music Teacher magazine.

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