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Application Requirements

1. Please register at new.mtfest.com

2. Pay fee online through new.mtfest.com.  Click on Billing, then click on the $ next to the event.  Pay with Visa or Mastercard.  After payment is made, you may print a copy of the invoice for your records.  You do not need to mail anything to the Chair.  No late applications will be accepted.  All fees are non-refundable.

Video Information

Video recordings must be performed by applicants and may not be edited.  There is no penalty for the quality of the video, however it is important that it is good enough to see and hear clearly.

Videos should be available for watching online.  Judges will not download videos.

If you submit YouTube links, be sure your videos have the proper settings: VIDEO MANAGER, videos, Basic Information, from the drop-down menu, please choose “Public” or “Unlisted” instead of Private.

Videos should be recorded no more than 1 month before the date of your submission.  To verify this, applicants must say the date of recording the video at the beginning of the performance.  Applicants should not mention their names in the recording.  Applicants may make their own cuts to fit the time limit.  Exception for this year:  You can play the piece with or without piano accompaniment.

Applicants may make their own cuts to fit the time limit.  Judges will stop the video at the time limit, so students plan their cuts accordingly.

Teachers collect their students’ video links (one link per student) and send one email per studio of the links to the chair (alberthunt.net) no later than the submission deadline: February 20, 2021.  Please check the links and make sure they are working properly.  If the links do not work, the student is disqualified.

Levels and Time Limits

PrimaryGrades 6 and Under6 minutes
ElementaryGrades 7-87 minutes
IntermediateGrades 9-108 minutes
SeniorGrades 11-1210 minutes

Time limits may be reduced if enrollment exceeds the time frame allowed for the competition.

Repertoire Requirements

Grades 6 & under:  In the competitive and noncompetitive sections, the slow movement of any concerto

Grades 7-8:  In the competitive and noncompetitive sections, the slow movement of any concerto

Grades 9-10:  In the competitive and noncompetitive sections, any movement of any concerto

Grades 11-12:  In the competitive section, a fast movement from any concerto

Memorization of the selection is preferred but not required.

Here is a list of repertoire used in 2014 which you may download  as a spreadsheet for your reference:  Repertoire for Concerto Competition for Woodwinds

NVMTA supports the use of published musical scores.  If a photocopy must be used, the NVMTA Copyright Release Form, signed by a parent or teacher, must be submitted to the chairman by email or postmarked at least one week prior to the event. Please submit this form also for music purchased or downloaded from the internet. Students using photocopies (or anything resembling a photocopy) either for themselves or the judges, without having provided the Copyright Release Form by this deadline, may play for comments but will not be eligible to compete.


Flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, or recorder students may enter.  No previous first place winners may compete again in the same division, but with the chairman’s consent, they may compete at a higher level.  In order to enter NTMVA student events, either the teacher or student must live in Northern Virginia, or, the lessons must be taught in Northern Virginia.


In the noncompetitive section, students will receive comments and a rating, but no ranking, from at least two judges. In the competitive section, all performers will receive a certificate of participation.

Primarygift certificategift certificategift certificate

Teacher Guidelines

Students must provide their own accompanist (For 2021, student may play with or without an accompanist)

Please provide one published score with all  measures numbered, and which must not bear the student’s or teacher’s name. (Providing a score is not applicable for 2021)

Teachers must agree to abide by the Rules for Competitive Events as well as the Teacher Responsibilities.