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Composition Competition



March 1, 2022


$21.00 per entrant. Non-NVMTA members have to pay the $50 fee (per student per event) plus registration fee. All fees are nonrefundable.


1. Fill out the application.
2. Submit four clear copies of each manuscript. On the manuscript, write the title of the piece, the composer’s age, and number of years of study. The composer’s name must not appear on the manuscript.
3. Submit a digital file (mp3 or mp4) of the composition to mcconnell.piano@gmail.com. Label the entry with the title of the composition only.
4. Mail application, manuscripts, 2 copies of the rating sheet and one check per studio payable to NVMTA to:
Libby McConnell
1220 Bishopsgate Way
Reston, VA 20194


Libby McConnell and Christy Tallamy


This competition is intended to encourage the writing of original creative compositions. It is in memory of Alma Grayce Miller, a former NVMTA member, who left funds for this purpose.

Not sure how to navigate student compositions? Can it be done between now and the deadline? (The answer is yes.) For ideas, tips and inspiration, check out and information video here.


Participants must study with an active member teacher of NVMTA or pay the non-member fee (as defined in the bylaws). Compositions must be in student’s own handwriting or in the form of a computer printout personally produced by the composer. There is no restriction on the selection of instruments. There are neither age or grade requirements nor requirements concerning form, style, or length of composition.
Computer generated recordings are permitted but not preferred.


Participating teachers must contribute time toward the success of this competition. Teachers who fail to carry out assigned duties may not enter students in the event in the following year.


The Jo Lombard Award ($150) will be given by competition judges to one overall outstanding composition. Second ($75) and third place ($50) awards may be awarded by judges at their discretion.

The Frances Hollans Award ($25) will be awarded to a student age 12 and under whose original composition is judged to be most creative.

Each student will receive judges’ comments and a certificate of participation or special award, which will be mailed to teachers. Recordings of all entries will be available online via Google Drive.