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Achievement Award: Voice

Competition Goal:  To give students experience in performing classical repertoire and to receive constructive criticism from experienced voice teachers.  We warmly welcome students in grades 8 and above who would gain vocal growth from this audition/performance experience.

The 2021 competition will be held online.  Teachers will submit their students’ unlisted YouTube links when they register.  The videos will be presented at the Zoom recital on Saturday, April 17, 1:00 p.m.  Teacher should send their students’ email addresses to Laura Halick ([email protected]) no later than April 16 so she can send them a link to the online recital on April 17.

Self-taping instructions:  Students may use a live accompanist or piano-only tracks.  Preface the video with “Hi, I’m (name) and I’ll be performing (song title #1) by (composer), (song title #2)) by (composer), and (song title #3) by (composer).  If there is a live pianist, be sure to introduce him/her as well.  Make sure the video recording is well lit and that most of the student’s body can be seen.  Audio enhancements (such as reverb) are not allowed.  Songs may be recorded separately and merged, but only one YouTube link of the whole performance should be entered in the registration form.

Application Requirements

  1. Please register at new.mtfest.com
  2. Copy your students’ unlisted YouTube link in the box for “Accompanist”.
  3. Pay fee online through new.mtfest.com.  Click on Billing, then click on the $ next to the event.  Pay with Visa or Mastercard.  After payment is made, you may print a copy of the invoice for your records.  All fees are non-refundable.
  4. Parents must complete the NVMTA Media Release form.

Levels and Time Limits

LevelGradeTime Limit
Level 1Grades 8-105 Minutes
Level 2Grades 11 & 126 Minutes
Level 3Age 18 & above10 Minutes
Comments OnlyNo Age Restriction6 Minutes

Levels may be combined if warranted by the number and age of applicants.

Repertoire Requirements

Level 1: Two selections in different languages

Level 2:  Three selections of varying styles including one early Italian (before 1835) and one English.

Level 3:  Four selections representing (1) Baroque/Classical, (2) Romantic, and (3) 20th or 21st Century. Selections must include at least two languages, one of which is English.

Comments Only:  Two or three selections of varying styles including one in a foreign language. Musical theater selections allowed.

Music must be performed from memory, except for oratorio selections. In Level 3, music must be performed in the original language; in the case of opera and oratorio, in the original key.

Here is a list of repertoire used in 2014 which you may  download  as a spreadsheet for your reference:  Repertoire for Voice Achievement Awards 2014

NVMTA supports the use of published musical scores. If a photocopy must be used, the NVMTA Copyright Release Form, signed by a parent or teacher must be submitted to the chairman by email or postmarked at least one week prior to the event. Please also submit this form for music purchased or downloaded from the internet. Students using photocopies (or anything resembling a photocopy) either for themselves or the judges without having provided the Copyright Release Form by this deadline, may play for comments but will not be eligible to compete.


Previous first-place winners may not compete again in the same level.  Singers under professional management are not eligible. Students must be taught lessons in person in Northern Virginia.

Teacher Guidelines

Singers must bring their own accompanists. Teachers and coaches may not accompany their students.

Written comments from the judges will be given to the teachers of the contestants at the end of the competitions.  The judges may elect not to name a winner.  The decision of the judges will be final.

Participating teachers are expected to assist the chair as needed based on the number of students enrolled, regardless of subsequent student withdrawals.  Teachers must agree to abide by the Rules for Competitive Events as well as the Teacher Responsibilities.  Any teacher who fails to carry out the assigned duties and who has not provided a substitute approved by the chairman may not enter students in that event in the following year.


Level 1$200$100$50
Level 2$200$100$50
Level 3$200$100$50