Saturday and Sunday, January 19 and 20, 2019, Woman’s Club of Arlington, 700 S. Buchanan Street,  Arlington, VA

Registration Deadline: December 6, 2018.  All fees are paid online through by this date.

$32. All fees are non-refundable.

1.  Please register at  Registration will open on November 15 and will close on December 8.

2.  Pay fees online through  Click on Billing, then click on the $ next to the event. Pay with Visa or Mastercard. After payment is made, you may print a copy of the invoice for your records. You do not need to mail anything to the Chair.

3. Teachers are responsible for checking their entries online for any errors in submitted applications. If there are any errors, you must edit your entry online (click on the pencil icon next to student name) by December 8. Changes to applications are not permitted past  December 8.  

Mihyang Joo

Alex Chung

Piano Concerto Competition time limit changes:

Level 1 Grades 2-4 6 minutes
Level 2 Grades 5-6 7 minutes
Level 3 Grades 7-8 10 minutes
Level 4 Grades 9-10 12 minutes
Level 5 Grades 11-12 18 minutes

Students who play the same concerto for more than one year may not repeat the same movement.  Only one movement is allowed.  Only cuts to orchestral tutti are permitted.  Students must perform the entire movement unless stopped by the room monitor.  A room monitor will ask the performer to skip to the cadenza if the total performance time is longer than the allotted time limit.  Music must be performed from memory.

If a cadenza for the movement exists, it must be played. Students who play a concerto without a cadenza risk being disqualified from prize eligibility if there is a cadenza in existence for that concerto, and a cadenza is not performed. A student may compose and perform his/her own cadenza for a Mozart or Haydn concerto, but it must be notated/printed in legible format for the judges. It is understood that the quality of the cadenza will be taken into consideration when judging the contestant’s performance. Prior approval is required. Any questions about cadenzas should be referred to the chairman BEFORE the application deadline. Teachers must indicate the timing of the cadenza on the judges’ score.

Here is a list of repertoire used in 2014 which you may  download  as a spreadsheet for your reference:  Repertoire for Concerto Competition for Piano 2014

NVMTA supports the use of published musical scores. If a photocopy must be used, the NVMTA Copyright Release Form, signed by a parent or teacher, must be submitted to the chairman by email or postmarked at least one week prior to the event. Please submit this form also for music purchased or downloaded from the internet. Students using photocopies (or anything resembling a photocopy) either for themselves or the judges, without having provided the Copyright Release Form by this deadline, may play for comments but will not be eligible to compete.

Students may play at current school grade or higher. To enter at a higher level, students must obtain the written approval of a chairman. In subsequent years these students must enter at consecutively higher grade levels. First-place winners may not compete again in the same level. First place winners are no longer required to wait a year before competing in a higher level.   Students must be taught lessons in person in Northern Virginia.

Teachers may not accompany their own students.

Please provide one published score of the concerto and cadenza with all  measures numbered, and which must not bear the student’s or teacher’s name.

Teachers must agree to abide by the Rules for Competitive Events.  Teachers will be assigned duties and should expect to be available for volunteer duty on the day of the competition. Assignments and hours are at the discretion of the chair.


1st 2nd 3rd
Level 1 $30 $20
Level 2 $50 $25
Level 3 $200 $100 $50
Level 4 $300 $150 $75
Level 5 $500 $250 $125


There will be no Concerto Winners Recital in 2017.