2017-2018 Concerto Competition: Piano

2017-2018 Concerto Competition: Piano2018-02-23T23:20:08+00:00
Level 1 Student Teacher
1st place Kalan Warusa Marjorie Lee
2nd place Evelina Kleczek Anna Ouspenskaya
3rd place Jessica Chen Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt
Honorable Mention Ellie Nguyen Marjorie Lee
Level 2
1st place Antoni Kleczek Anna Ouspenskaya
2nd place Michelle Dong Marjorie Lee
3rd place Jessica Wang Marjorie Lee
Honorable Mention Sophia Lin Marjorie Lee
Level 3
1st place Oscar Paz-Suaznabar Marjorie Lee
2nd place Raelyn Hoang Silva Blazquez
3rd place Elizabeth Qiu Marjorie Lee
Honorable Mention Tan Nguyen Marjorie Lee
Angela Zhang Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt
Melissa Wu Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt
Level 4
1st place Hana Wang Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt
2nd place Alexander Suh Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt
3rd place James Bennett Marjorie Lee
Honorable Mention Evan Hu Marjorie Lee
Level 5
1st place Emily Quan Marjorie Lee
2nd place Grace Wang Marjorie Lee
3rd place Christopher Papenfuss James Litzelman

The judges for both days were A. Scott Wood, Yu-Hsuam Liao, and Myriam Teie.

The competition was held on January 20th and 21st at the Woman’s Club of Arlington.

Amanda Halstead, Chair; Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt, Co-Chair; MiHyang Joo, Co-Chair;
Boyd Sarratt, Assistant

57 students represented 10 studios.