Level 1 Students Teachers
First Place Kevin Shen and Cameron Hoang  Silva Blazquez
Honorable Mention Abby Park and Anya Park  Diane Perett
Level 2
First Place Ellin Kwak and Jenny Yi MiHyang Joo
Second Place Hanna Kim and Chloe Jahng MiHyang Joo
Third Place Anya Park and Michael Dobbs Diane Perett
Level 3
First Place Raelyn Hoang and Nichole Papenfuss Silva Blazquez
Second Place Noah Cha and John Rhee Victoria Wyatt
Third Place Teddy Yi and Kenneth Duong Silva Blazquez
Honorable Mention Maximillian Meer and Sophia Meer Caroline Hwangbo Kim
Level 4A
First Place (tie) Ethan Callahan and Julian Lee Victoria Wyatt
First Place (tie) Raelyn Hoang and Kayleigh Hoang Silva Blazquez
Honorable Mention Marcella Chang and Grace Ko MiHyang Joo
Honorable Mention Katherine Wang and Lucy Blazquez Silva Blazquez
Honorable Mention Allison Oh and Kalista Fon Rebecca Salt
Level 4B
First Place (tie) Mylan Young and Lan-Vy Young Caroline Hwangbo Kim
First Place (tie) David Cha and Nathan Chan Victoria Wyatt
Second Place Irina Lee and Amy Tsou Rebecca Salt
Third Place (tie) Ava Duelm and Alyssa Kim Victoria Wyatt
Third Place (tie) Ava Barnett and Lela Gellenthien Diane Perett
Level 5
First Place Elaine Chang and Alison Oh Rebecca Salt
Second Place Timmy Chan, Caroline Kim, Victoria Wyatt
Isabelle Maricar and Daniel Shin
Honorable Mention Kalista Fon and Justin Han Rebecca Salt