Primary Division Student Instrument Teacher
1st Angela Shen Clarinet Albert Hunt
2nd Devon Ke Clarinet Albert Hunt
3rd Ryan Hong Clarinet Albert Hunt
Honorable Mention Chaewon Min Flute Youn Yi
Elementary Division
1st Noah Portner Clarinet Claire Eichhorn
2nd Kevin Philips Clarinet Ken Lee
3rd Cole McElhany Clarinet Albert Hunt
Intermediate Division
1st Claire Cheng Clarinet Albert Hunt
2nd Tsach Mackey Clarinet Albert Hunt
3rd Nehyun Bae Flute Youn Yi
Senior Division
1st Olivia Johann Oboe Trevor Mowry
2nd Ashley Hsu Clarinet Albert Hunt
3rd Joseph Li Clarinet Albert Hunt
Honorable Mention Yunu Lim Clarinet Ken Lee
Honorable Mention Sara Bonforte Clarinet Nancy Genovese

— There were 38 entrants this year, five flutists, one oboe and 32 clarinetists.  (five in the Primary Division; 11 in the Elementary Division; 12 in the Intermediate Division and five in the Senior Division.)

— The teachers who entered students were: Claire Eichhorn, Nancy Genovese, Albert Hunt, Kenneth Lee,  Robert Little, Trevor Mowry and Youn Yi.

— The judges were Robert DiLutis, Susan Hayes, and David Jones.

— Thanks to our accompanists:  Barbara Cackler, Jeongseon Choi, Sylvia Chou, Michelle Hong, Suki Hyun, Daniel Lee, Sooyoung Jung.

— Thanks to co-chairs Nancy Genovese and Robert Little.

— Thanks to Kenneth Lee and Claire Eichorn for monitoring this event.