The 2016 Piano Ensemble Festival and Competition was held on April 30 – May 1, 2016  at  First Christian Church, Falls Church, Virginia.  Thirteen teachers entered 72 ensembles with 66 teams performing.

Thank you to all participating teachers who cheerfully helped in many ways to make this event a success!

Anne Beamer and Adrienne Cleary, Co-Chairs

First Place Danielle Carr and Anna Bray Marjorie Lee
Second Place Cameron Hoang and Raelyn Hoang Silva Blazquez
Third Place Yulania Wang and Anna Bray Marjorie Lee
First Place Tongtong Ye and Oscar Paz-Suaznabar Marjorie Lee
Second Place Jacqui Go and Sophia Go Silva Blazquez
Third Place Lucas Wu and Kalan Warusa Marjorie Lee
First Place (tie) Marcella Chang and Grace Ko MiHyang Joo
First Place (tie) Nicole Chin and Rolina Qu Marjorie Lee
Second Place Harrison Benford and Bryan Zhang Nancy Breth
Third Place Noah Cha and John Rhee Victoria Wyatt
Honorable Mention William Gellenthien, Oliver Meek, Diane Perett
Nate St. Pierre
Honorable Mention Maura Sammis and Helena Dobbs Diane Perett
First Place James Bennett and Andrew Zhang Marjorie Lee
Second Place Grace Wang and Jessica Wang Marjorie Lee
Third Place (tie) Annabel Lee and Allison Oh Nancy Breth/Rebecca Salt
Third Place (tie) Raelyn Hoang and Kayleigh Hoang Silva Blazquez
First Place Ashley Ondoua and Jialin Tso Nancy Breth
Second Place (tie) Ashley Lee and Emily Quan Marjorie Lee
Second Place (tie) Alison Wan and Joanna Cheng Marjorie Lee
Third Place (tie) Jeffery Yu and Evan Hu Marjorie Lee
Third Place (tie) David Cha, Nathan Chan, Julian Lee, Victoria Wyatt
Alyssa Kim
First Place Allison Oh and Eliane Chang Rebecca Salt
Second Place (tie) Justin Han and Philip Cho Rebecca Salt
Second Place (tie) Irina Lee and Ame Tsou Rebecca Salt
Third Place Katherine Wang and Lucy Blazquez Silva Blazquez
First Place Virginia Sun and Brian Le Nancy Breth
Second Place Emily Quan and Lynne Bai Marjorie Lee
Third Place Ethan Liu and Alex Peng Nancy Breth
Honorable Mention Caroline Kim and Isabelle Maricar Victoria Wyatt
First Place (tie) Philip Cho and Ethan Evans Rebecca Salt
First Place (tie) Emily He and Celine Chen Nancy Breth
Honorable Mention Lucy Banks and Erin Claeys Diane Perett
Honorable Mention Chloe Fauvel and Roya Lajmiri Douglas Harrington