34th Annual Woodwind Concerto Competition
Saturday, February 13, 2016

Primary Division
1st:  Jayden Liu (Ken Lee)
2nd:  Angela Shen (Albert Hunt)
3rd:  Ray Han (Robert Little)
Hon. Men.:  Michelle Ahn (Albert Hunt)

Elementary Division
1st:  Tsach Mackey (Albert Hunt)
2nd:  Grace Han (Nancy Genovese)
3rd:  Se Yong Park (Albert Hunt)
Hon. Men.:  Sarah Levy (Nancy Genovese)
Hon. Men.:  Jeffrey Song (Ken Lee)

Intermediate Division
1st:  Paul Yoo (Albert Hunt)
2nd:  Andrew Yi (Albert Hunt)
3rd:  Grace Ge (Albert Hunt)
Hon. Men.: Meghan Willey (Nancy Genovese)
Hon. Men.:  Madelyn Armes (Ken Lee)

Senior Division
1st:  Danielle Kim (Youn Yi)
2nd:  Ashley Hsu (Albert Hunt)
3rd:  Young In Seo (Youn Yi)

There were 32 entrants this year:  27 clarinetists and five flutists.
Primary Div.: 4
Elementary Div.: 12
Intermediate Div.: 9
Senior Div.: 6

Students from a six studios participated in the competition. The teachers who entered students
were: Nancy Genovese, Albert Hunt, Kenneth Lee, Robert Little, Priscilla Yang, and Youn Yi.

The judges were Robert Dilutis, David Niethamer, and Benjamin Redwine.