Judges:  Dr. Charlotte Nelson-Aiosa, Carol Cavey-Miles and Dr. Robert Petillo


Division I, Part A (8-9th grades)

1st          Megan Griggs (Smith)

2nd        Rachel Geiger (Halick)

3rd        Margot Vanyan (Smith)


Division I, Part B (8-10th grades)

1st          John Lopez (Jurenas)

2nd        Michael McLean (Jurenas)

3rd         Rebecca Gustafson (Smith)

HM         Lea Williams (Halick)

Andie Carroll and Hana Tawil (Smith)

Emma Wise (Jurenas)


Division II (11-12th grades)

1st            Nikole James (McNulty)

2nd          Molly Wise (Jurenas)

3rd           Marie Brittain (Smith)


Division III (18 years and over)

1st            Madeleine Arthur (Smith)

2nd          Donna Hamilton (McNulty)

3rd           Syrina Gudnitz (McNulty)