Co-Chairs:  Denise Adkins and Anne Beamer

Judges:  Silva Blazquez, Laura Marchisotto Bogart, Nancy Breth, Shohreh Ghajar, Debra Gunnerson, Andrew Horowitz, Julie Kim,  Diane Perett,  Julie Slingerland,  and Victoria Wyatt

Level 1 
1st place – Nicole Papenfuss and Sophia Go – Blazquez
2nd place – Antoni Kleczek and Tomasz Kleczek – Ouspenskaya
3rd place – Ella Kim and Annabel Lee – Breth
HM – Yushu Zhou and Lauren Kim – Kim
HM  – Petrina Steimel and Alison Wan – Lee
HM  – Andrew Zhang and Oscar Paz-Suaznabar – Lee

Level 2 
1st place tie –  Cindy Wu and Lucy Blazquez – Blazquez/Titova
1st place tie – Kayleigh Hoang and Raelyn Hoang – Lee
2nd place – Ellen Chen and Lena Stechuk – Breth
HM – Petrina Steimel and Preston Steimel  – Lee

Level 3A
1st place – Eli Kirtley and Angus Chang – Blazquez
2nd place  – Evan Hu and William Wang – Lee
3rd place – Wiley Skaret and Andrew Cocchiara – Lee

Level 3B
1st place – Charlotte Cai and Maggie Kirtley – Blazquez
2nd place –  Nathan Chan and David Cha – Wyatt
3rd place – Elizabeth Li and Julian Lee – Wyatt

Level 4A
1st place – Jennifer Wang and Avery Gagliano – Ouspenskaya/Hackmey
2nd place – Caroline Kim and Isabelle Maricar  – Wyatt

Level 4B
1st place –  Jennifer Su and Virginia Sun – Breth
2nd place tie – Adam Heins and Christopher Lu – Breth
2nd place tie – Alex Peng and Kevin Wang – Breth
HM – Ncole Kirk and Caitlyn Ling  – Gunnerson
HM – Katherine Du and Pamela Steimel – Lee
HM – Timmy Chan and Tiger Zhang – Wyatt
HM  – Lia Chiflemariam and Katelyn Etemad – Adkins

Level 5
1st place tie – Theron Masters and Paul Li – Breth

1st place tieKevin Zhang and Bryan HoLee

2nd place – Caitlin Kim and Jennifer Peng – Wyatt
3rd place – Imogen Thomas and Brian Claeys – Perett
HM – Claire Spaulding and Abbi Han – Perett

HM – Shennie Yao and Annelisa Crabtree  – Lee
HM – Abbi Han and Ben St. Pierre – Perett