Chair:  Elizabeth Blakeslee

Co-chairs:   Mihail Balasa and Miranda Blakeslee

Judges: Upper strings, June Huang, Susan Midkiff, and Leslie Silverfine

Lower Strings:  Elizabeth Davis, Karen Grimsey, and Kenneth Law

Senior Level, upper and lower strings, combined:  Karen Grimsey, Susan Midkiff, and Kenneth Law

Elementary Lower Strings
1st place – Robert Kirchenbauer –  Vierra
2nd place – Colin Hill – Kaboff
3rd place – Griffith Nguyen –  Kaboff
Intermediate Lower Strings
1st place – Mary Duplantier – Blakeslee
2nd Place Megalan Tso – Yampolsky
3rd Place An-Ya Olson – Blakeslee
H.M. Katie Shen – Yampolsky
Combined Seniors
1st place – Evelyn Mo – Yampolsky
2nd place – Briannah Steele  – Strom
3rd place – Kai-Lan Olson  – Blakeslee

Elementary Violins

1st place – Malva de Boor – Cole
2nd place – Justin Ghofrany – Strom
3rd place – Madilyn Oswald  – Cole

Intermediate Violins
1st place – Calvin Liu – Yampolsky
2nd place – Grace Brigham – Cole
3rd place – David Lam – Cole