Co-chairs:  Denise Adkins and Anne Beamer

Level 1A

1st            Petrina Steimel and Preston Steimel (Breth/Lee)

2nd           ElainePan and Vicotr Pan (Mang)

3rd tie       Madeline Fowler and Nicole Papenfuss (Gunnerson)

Lucy Chen and Owen Murray (Mang)

Level 1B

1st           Helen Yao and Katerine Wang (Blazquez)

2nd          Alison Wan and Joanna Cheng (Lee)

3rd           Elaine Chang and Allison Oh (Salt)

Level 2A

1st           Irina Lee and Amy Tsou (Salt)

2nd          Allison Lou and Michelle Li (Gunnerson)

3rd           Shine Peng and Felix Fei (Mang)

Level 2B

1st           Alexandra Cooper and Maya Cooper (Mang)

2nd          Charlotte Cai and Angus Chang (Blazquez)

3rd           William Johnson, Mayu Ovano, Miles Rusco (Perett)

Level 3

1st           Ruiran Xun and Grace Want (Lee)

2nd          Adele Park and Didi Park (Bogart)

3rd           Mayuko Takamura and Risako Takamura (Breth/Bogart)

HM           Robert Kim and William Wang (Lee)

Level 4A

1st           Maggie Kirtley and Faith Lam (Blazquez)

2nd          Kevin Wang and Alex Peng (Breth)

3rd          Jennifer Su and Virginia Sun (Breth)

HM           Lucy Banks and Eric Johnson (Perett)

HM           Isabelle Maricar and Renee Zhang (Wyatt)

Level 4B

1st           Kiffa Conroy and KaizenConroy (Salt)

2nd          Lia Chiflemariam and Katelyn Etemad (Adkins)

3rd           Claire Spaulding and Abbi Han (Perett)

Level 5

1st           Karen Greenagel and Christy Shea (Wyatt)

2nd          Caitlin Kim and Jennifer Peng (Wyatt)

3rd           Ibby Han and Abbi Han (Perett)