Vienna Academy of Music and Arts is hiring

The Vienna Academy of Music and Arts is hiring private music instructors in the following areas: piano, guitar, voice, flute, violin/viola, and cello. We are looking for applicants who have a proven track record of teaching success and possess the ability to inspire artists of al

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Piano Notice

I would preferably like to loan my piano to someone for 9-10 years.  We would move it to their home, and my daughter would move it back at the end of the period.  All we ask is that the piano be played, cared for and regularly tuned.  It is a 2005 Yamaha upright in very good con

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Woodwind Achievement Awards

Chair:  Kristen Sheridan Judges: Dr. Susan Hayes, Aaron Scott and Andrew Dees Elementary 1st     Richard Pan (Robert Little) 2nd    Anna Sotelo (Kenneth Lee) 3rd    William Bryant (Kristen Sheridan)   7th-8th Grade 1st     Michelle Ma (Kenneth Lee) 2nd    Jane Kim (Kenneth L

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Piano Achievement Awards

Elementary Division 1st      Hana Wang (Lisa Sarratt) 2nd     Risako Takamura (Nancy Breth) 3rd      Alison Wan (Marjorie Lee) HM      Ruiran Xun (Marjorie Lee) HM      Katherine Du (Marjorie Lee) HM      Maya Cooper (Rosita Kerr Mang) HM      Wiley Skaret (Marjorie Lee) HM     

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Piano Ensemble Competition

Co-chairs:  Denise Adkins and Anne Beamer Level 1A 1st            Petrina Steimel and Preston Steimel (Breth/Lee) 2nd           ElainePan and Vicotr Pan (Mang) 3rd tie       Madeline Fowler and Nicole Papenfuss (Gunnerson) Lucy Chen and Owen Murray (Mang) Level 1B 1st           H

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Voice Achievement Awards Competition

  Chairs:  Peggy McNulty and Richard Wilmer Judges:  Millicent Scarlett, Mary Gresock and Samuel Bonds Division I 1st            Nancy Brittain (Nancy MacArthur Smith) 2nd           Kathryn Bailey (Peggy McNulty) 3rd           Anna Adere (Nancy MacArthur Smith) MM           

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