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Saturday, April 6, 2019


  • The Falls Church Episcopal, 115 E. Fairfax Street, Falls Church, VA 22046
  • Honors Recital Saturday, April 13, 2019, 6:30 to 8 pm, George Mason University, Harris Theater


Registration deadline:  Thursday, March 7, 2019.   All fees are paid online through by this date.


$20.  All fees are nonrefundable.


Yi Shan


Kate Moore
Aphrodite Mitsopoulou
Sliva Blazquez
Laura Bogart


  1. Please register at
  2. Pay fee online through Click on Billing, then click on the $ next to the event. Pay with Visa or Mastercard. After payment is made, you may print a copy of the invoice for your records. You do not need to mail anything to the Chair.


Students chosen for Honors may participate only in a festival category for the following year.


  • Open to pre-college students grades K through 12, and adults
  • Repertoire: Play 2 pieces, one by J. S. Bach and a second piece by J. S. Bach or another Baroque composer.  Any piece with a BWV number, including all pieces in the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook, is acceptable as the first piece.
  • Format: recital style, grouped by grade. K – 4,  5 – 8,  9 – adult


  • Open to pre-college students grades K through 12.
  • Repertoire: Play 2 pieces. Choose the first piece (by J S Bach) from the following list:
    1. A Little Prelude (BWV 899-900, 902, 924-928, 930-931, 933-941, 943, 999, 902a). 4 minutes total playing time
    2. A 2-part Invention. 4 minutes total playing time
    3.  A 3-part Invention (Sinfonia). 7 minutes total playing time
    4. A movement from a French or English Suite or from a Partita. 7 minutes total playing time
    5. One Prelude and Fugue set (both with the same BWV number) from either volume of WTC. 10 minutes total playing time
  • In categories 1 through 4, the second piece may be by any Baroque composer or by JS Bach, except for pieces from the Anna Magdalena Bach collection.
  • In category 5, no additional piece is needed.
  • Format: 2 rounds and an honors recital.
  • The first round will be in recital format. Judges will write critiques.
  • The second round will be a private audition. All second round performers, whether or not they are chosen to play in the honors recital, will be recognized at the honors recital.
  • A student who is chosen for the Honor’s Recital one year, cannot participate in the Competition the next year. The student can participate in the Festival and then return to the competition the following year.


Teachers who enroll 1 to 10 students are obligated to judge for 3  hours; teachers who enroll 11 or more students are obligated to judge for 6  hours.  Teachers must be available to help in other capacities at the discretion of the chairman.

Teachers must agree to abide by the Teacher Responsibilities.

Students must bring 2 rating sheets downloaded from which are available after the schedule is published.  Students must provide one copy of the published score with all  measures numbered, and which must not bear the student’s or teacher’s name.

If a participating teacher needs to hire a substitute, they must inform the chairman no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Please let the chairman know if you are willing to work extra hours as a judge at the rate of $60/hour.