Fall Festival 2023

Thinking about setting performance goals for your students as we start a new school year? Consider entering them in the VMTA Fall Festival, being held this year on November 11, at Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, 1724 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia 22101.

Fall Festival, co-sponsored by VMTA/NVMTA, is a non-competitive event which celebrates piano literature of the 20th/21st centuries. Requirements include performing two pieces from memory. The contemporary selection must show 20th/21st century compositional techniques(e.g. dissonance, bi-tonality, modality, quartal harmony, chord clusters etc.). A second selection must come from another historical period.

Modern Piano Music, a helpful list of works compiled by Nancy Breth. It includes titles, composers, youtube links, and purchasing sources, along with levels. Another helpful source is addendum by Laura Bogart with additional repertoire and similar information.

It’s a great event for teachers who are long time attendees as well as those curious teachers who have never attended or those new to the area. For more information or questions check out the NVMTA website or contact Dr. Donna Whited-Chair (donnakaywhited@aol.com)The entrance fee is $20 and the registration deadline is October 12th.