Hi folks! I have a private lesson studio in Alexandria, Accelerando Music, that for the past 11 years has been just me and 1-2 other teachers. My other long-term teacher of the past 4 years has to regrettably step down for health reasons and I am looking for someone to take over her students beginning March 2.
I need a teacher on Mondays from 4:00-6:30 and on Wednesdays from 4:45-7:00. All lessons are back to back so there’s no downtime in between. One of the Monday students is a flute student so big bonus if you can cover that student, as well.
Monday lessons take place in my home studio (22307), Wednesdays are in-home lessons for an Alexandria family with 4 children. Lessons are 30-45 minutes each and pay ranges from $24-45/lesson based on location and length. You will function as an independent contractor, so no W2 forms. I do all scheduling, invoicing, and admin stuff, all you need to do is share your talent with these awesome kids!
If interested, please email your resume or qualifications to [email protected].
I’m also always on the lookout for other guitar and voice teachers willing to do in-home lessons in the Alexandria area. Thank you fellow musicians!