Yamaha 1981 P2 Studio Upright 45’, Walnut $2795 (includes local move*, bench and Seiko SQ50 quartz metronome)

The legendary Yamaha model P2 Studio Upright piano action is fast, precise and accurate with a strong rich tone. It is prized as an excellent teaching or rehearsal piano and is ideal for the student or serious pianist. Local music stores are currently charging $3500-4000 for this used model.

Tuned to 440 pitch and evaluated by a registered piano technician on 10/21/19. Evaluation summary noted that “(o)verall, this piano is a very stable instrument with a warm tone”. Evaluation available upon request. Built in Hamamatsu, Japan. Contact Christine for more information or to schedule an appointment. I am located in Vienna.

Email: christinefrohrer@gmail.com, phone: 703.598.4918
*up to $300