The Vienna Academy of Music and Arts is hiring private music instructors in the following areas: piano, guitar, voice, flute, violin/viola, and cello. We are looking for applicants who have a proven track record of teaching success and possess the ability to inspire artists of all ages and skill levels. The ideal candidate for a job at VAMA loves to bestow the gift of music upon others and wants to make the world a better place through musical education. 

Applicants should have a strong classical and/or jazz background, conservatory level training, extensive performance experience, and established teaching strategies. A Master of Music or Doctorate of Musical Arts is desired, but not required. We are looking for teachers who can develop the very beginner into a great artist. Each faculty member should be capable of guiding their students into competitive environments as well as prestigious conservatories and summer festivals. *Starting schedules are 1 to 2 days per week, during after school/weekend hours.* 

All VAMA faculty are independent contractors. Salaries are negotiated based on experience, education, and student retention. Room for growth should be expected upon being hired at VAMA, and we are committed to making our academy a fulfilling workplace for all instructors. Hourly rates can range from $32/hour-$75/hour. 

Teachers who already have existing clientele and wish to use our space can negotiate a rental agreement for our facilities. These teachers will be given priority during the application process. Rental studio rates range from $35/hour-$50/hour depending on the amount of space requested. A lower rate can be negotiated for long-term leases. Space must be rented at a minimum of 2 hours per week. In the case that a lease is drawn between a teacher and the academy, the tuition rates of both parties must be aligned, as to avoid conflicts of interest. 

Applicants for this position should submit a cover letter, a resumé, and three references. Performance recordings of candidates and/or their students are welcome. Benefits: 

  • Performance opportunities at venues such as the Center for Education at Wolf Trap and Carnegie Hall 
  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Access to baby grand pianos 
  • Collaborative teaching opportunities 
  • Promotion through website and social media (flyers, etc.) 
  • Summers off 
  • Neat, clean, and attractive work environment 

Electronic applications only. Email to: [email protected] For questions call: 703 955 1968