by Andrea Shore and Joanne Haroutounian, Ph.D.

Think for a minute, about that rare student who comes to you loving music and already showing musical talent. The one who is eager to learn and, as a result, progresses quickly. Think of that student, whom you view proudly as he or she excels at exams, wins contests, or is chosen for first chair in the school orchestra.

Now imagine that this student was never able to take lessons—never had the opportunity to realize their musical potential. This happens every day, everywhere. Many families don’t have the financial means to provide lessons for their children.

Each of us, however, can change a life for the better by agreeing to teach just one of these students for a reduced charge. Through the MusicLink program, this student has been nominated by a music teacher who already has identified him or her as musically talented and eager to learn. Many of you already are familiar with the program that began with NVMTA 26 years ago. However, there are new members that we would like to see become part of our MusicLink family. The registration process to become a MusicLink teacher is simple and many systems are in place to help you get started and support you along the way. Perhaps you are already teaching a child on scholarship. By completing one form online, you can take advantage of the many discounts and opportunities available to students and teachers by becoming a part of MusicLink.

It began as a simple idea—one teacher connecting with a neighborhood school, church, or youth organization to teach one deserving student, who would otherwise never have an opportunity to take music lessons. The result – MusicLink. We have a 26-year history of reaching over 7000 students through music lessons in all 50 states and several Canadian provinces. That is over 500,000 hours of instruction.

From its humble beginnings, MusicLink has continued to grow and now has the support of dozens of major business partners. We also have a robust instrument donation program that puts practice instruments into the hands and homes of our students. The process is simple and the rewards are great.

The MusicLink Foundation is currently working directly with Arlington Public Schools and Fairfax County Public Schools to reach more underprivileged students who could truly benefit from reduced-fee music lessons. Now we just need a few more teachers on hand to teach them.

If you would like to learn more, go to the MusicLink website at We encourage you to join us by clicking on “How to Participate” at the top of the Home Page. If you are already teaching a student on scholarship, complete the ML Registration Form to become part of the program. If you want to volunteer to teach a student, complete the Teacher Volunteer Form.

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The mark, MusicLink® has been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office since April 2, 2013 under International Class 41 “for education services, namely, providing programs in the field of music instruction to students showing interest in and talent for musical study.”

This program is supported in part by Arlington County through the Arlington Cultural Affairs division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts.