Chairs:  Peggy McNulty and Richard Wilmer

Judges:  Millicent Scarlett, Mary Gresock and Samuel Bonds

Division I

1st            Nancy Brittain (Nancy MacArthur Smith)

2nd           Kathryn Bailey (Peggy McNulty)

3rd           Anna Adere (Nancy MacArthur Smith)

MM            Alicia Hartz (Kathy Berlin)

Gabriele Molina (Joan Jurenas)


Division II

1st            Mary Bruce (Anne Hurley Cole)

2nd           Mariana M. Barbosa (Anne Hurley Cole)

3rd           Julia Ruth (Joan Jurenas)

HM            Isabel Hefner (Peggy McNulty)

Allison Kraft (Joan Jurenas)


Division III

1st            Ben Wallis (NancyMacArthur Smith)

2nd           Syrina Gudnitz (Peggy McNulty)

3rd           Luctrian Booth Hamilton (Dr. Laura Mann)

HM            Mary Anne Kolb (Peggy McNulty)

Cindy Leaf (Peggy McNulty)