Ken Lee

Ken Lee, Aug 2011

Thanksgiving and then the Holidays…  I certainly wish everyone the very best of times and perhaps a chance to spend a few relaxing days with those who are closest to us.

I’m reminded of the first thing Leon Russianoff asked me when I started lessons with him after leaving the Army Band.  He asked if I had a private studio with a pretty full schedule.  He said that I was very fortunate and should never take for granted such a precious gift.  It is especially important during these difficult times of so many un- or under-employed and our performing arts frequently seen as the first stop for the budget-pruner.

We must also remember never to take for granted the activities and events that make our NVMTA such an extraordinary local association.  Of one thing I’m pretty sure:  we are all experiencing changes and stresses of one degree or another and trying our hardest to keep all of our many hats on.  I could use a call or two to help with the Piano Achievement this year.  I’ll need a new Fall Festival Chair or two next year as well. Please don’t feel that others have more experience or more available time or energy. They may not.

We’ll hear in a day or two about the MTNA Executive Board decision and whether our efforts and those of members across the country were successful.

Our December meeting will certainly carry a report on this matter—and the Liszt Anniversary Program should be wonderful. Hope you’ll all be there.